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Speaker: Marco Meister

Living our lives is a journey of learning experiences. Some we hardly remember and others we simply can’t forget. Particularly formative experiences, good or bad, shape our way of thinking – especially when we are young. The Swiss-Peruvian, 22-year-old millennial entrepreneur, Marco Meister, is driven by an experience he had at university two years ago, when he was introduced to community service. Since then, he questions the way educational institutions form the minds of today’s youth and eventually how they do business later. His student-led social venture Volunty (, assists educational institutions to engage their members in regional community service projects to encourage students to live similar formative experiences that will hopefully ignite the same spark that inspired him.

As a Kairos Society Fellow and senior at the University of St. Gallen studying business administration, and former visiting student at Brown, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania, Marco pursues his passion to build a long-lasting family business creating public value through ambitious, responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship.

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