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Speaker: Susan DeYoung

Susan DeYoung has been, for 35 years, a litigation attorney, entrepreneur, and nonprofit administrator in the United States.  Her passion, however, is advocacy for the poor and disenfranchised.  Energized by her entrepreneurial spirit, Ms. DeYoung built successful law firms in two states (Pennsylvania and Illinois), pioneered conflict resolution in the legal community, started a real estate development company, was manager of 3 government funded Summer Youth Employment Programs (SYEPs) and most recently, was the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity (Habitat) for Broward County, Florida.

In her work with Habitat, Ms. DeYoung supervised all administrative functions, including the construction of 25 houses annually, a life skills education program, a budget of $7 million, a retail store grossing over $1.4 million annually, hundreds of volunteers, and a staff of 22.  Prior to that, Ms. DeYoung administered 3 SYEP’s, supervising over 700 economically disadvantaged high school students who experienced meaningful employment and education during the summer months.  In her role, she managed 27 program staff at 214 separate worksites, and budgets of $1.8 million.  Prior to this, Ms. DeYoung started a real estate development company in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


During TEDxYouth Zurich, Susan will pose this question: Your life’s work is most often not your job. Your job is many times just a tool that may (or may not) help you to accomplish your life’s work. What is your life’s work?


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