Magician 2

Speaker: Dominic Bernath

Dominic Bernath is a professional magician, traveler and Master’s student in electrical engineering at ETH Zurich. His passion for the impossible started more than ten years ago in Las Vegas. Ever since, he has been amazing audiences all over the world. He spent four years growing up in southern California, where he, among other engagements, performed at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Last year, Dominic took a ten month break from his studies to explore. His travels took him around the world, from India over South America to Cuba. New challenges and amazing cultures were discovered together with his girlfriend. Doing smaller magic shows out of a backpack, he was faced with language barriers and cultural differences, having to create wonders without words.

Today, the Zurich based magician performs all over Switzerland from corporate events to weddings and private gatherings. When not performing on a stage, Dominic can be found in the labs of ETH. He is currently working on flexible multilayer electronics, the fundamental research base for future integration of sensors and electronics in our clothing.



During TEDxYouth Zurich, Dominic will explain this thought: “Engineering and magic seem to be such opposing fields, yet they have more in common than one might think.”


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