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Speaker: Tom Malecha

Tom Malecha is an avid mountain biker and filmmaker. Through the use of his creative outlet Filme von Draussen, and some help from a network of freelancers, Tom hopes to inspire people to live their life to the fullest through his creative films. To watch the amazing films that Filme Von Draussen has put together, check out their website or their Vimeo channel.

Supported by a network of freelancers, «Filme von Draussen» is the creative outlet of Tom Malecha. Born and bred in Western Germany, he moved to Switzerland in 2008. With more than a decade as a creative in media production and advertising, the passionate mountain biker and snowboarder turned his love for the outdoors into a profession.



During TedxYouth@Adliswil, Tom will be speaking about something very close to his heart: The democratization of film and creativity, and the power of storytelling. He will do this by sharing his story of how his passion of filmmaking started as a little kid, but wasn’t fully realized till 35 years later.


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