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Speaker: Christian Kaufmann

Christian is a co-founder and CMO of WeAct, a young social startup that engages people for sustainability by making the
topic fun and rewarding. WeAct has been distinguished with awards such as Innovate 4 Climate (Stage 3), SEIF’s “Green
Innovation”, Eco’s Prix Nature and Migros and WWF’s Idées Vertes.

He is a master graduate in management from the University of Lausanne, having attended courses at the University of
Pennsylvania, the American College of Greece and the University of Chile. Amongst other places, he has worked in
companies such as Credit Suisse, Apple Computers and McKinsey in various positions such as client manager, consultant
and business developer.

He considers himself truly international having had the grown up in countries such as United Arab Emirates, Honduras,
Spain, USA, Greece & Chile. His passions are moving to the rhythm of latin beats and capturing unforgettable moments
with his camera.



WeActDuring TEDxYouth@Adliswil, Christian will be speaking about the journey of WeAct: to make sustainability achieve mainstream adoption. As opposed to punishment, or “shamification,” WeAct relies on team dynamics, learning by doing and the concept of gamification (using game elements in a non game context) to make the quest for sustainability into an interactive experience. Through their innovative approach WeAct has helped change the behavior of more than 1000 persons in companies, universities and schools and this is just the beginning.


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