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Speaker: Christine Corbett Moran

Christine Corbett Moran is a Professor of Technology Entrepreneurship, a PhD candidate in Physics and a developer of mobile products for social good.

She graduated in Physics and Computer Science (double major) and Mathematics and Philosophy (double minor) at MIT, before obtaining a Master’s Degree and matriculating as a PhD Student  in Physics at the University of Zurich. Amongst other places, she has worked at BBN Technologies, MIT CSAIL, MIT Media LabJHU, and at MIT MEET and Open Whisper Systems as a software engineer, research scientist, and programming instructor.

In her spare time, or when she’s not programming, she enjoys skating for the Zurich City Roller Girlz roller derby team, adventure sports, and world travel.  Find out more information on her website or follow her on Twitter.



circle of 6During TEDxYouth@Adliswil, Christine will be speaking about Circle of 6: An application targeting awareness and community prevention of sexual assault, particularly among young people. Circle of 6 has over 100,000 downloads on iOS and Android and is working to expand its offering from the US and New Delhi, India, to additional cities, countries and universities.


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