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Speaker: Carlo Valsecchi

Carlo Valsecchi is a 22 year old Swiss-American and a Zurich International School alumni. As a sports lover, basketball has always been an integral aspect of his life.  He attended Zurich International School from 2003-2009 and 2010-11. He is currently studying to become a teacher at The Open University and is doing his internship at the  Zurich International Lower School in Wädenswil. In addition, he is coaching the Boys Varsity Basketball Team at the ZIS Upper School.

He has survived Leukemia twice and was put into a coma do to a severe lung infection known as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). In June 2012, Carlo became paralyzed for reasons that are still unknown. Since then, he has been living life as a paraplegic dedicated to not let it hold him back from his dreams.



During TEDxYouth@Adliswil, Carlo will be sharing his story of beating leukemia, twice, overcoming a severe deadly lung infection, as well as being paralyzed twice. His story involves the power of reaCH, both from friends and from strangers, and how we must learn to reaCH, even in our darkest moments.


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  1. I had the pleasure to listening to Carlo talking live a short while ago and he was a fantastic speaker. He touched me and many of us in the audience with his story, his strength and his will to live. I wish Carlo all the best for the future, Beatriz

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