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Speaker: Sunnie Groeneveld

Sunnie is the founder and CEO of Inspire 925 GmbH, a boutique consulting firm that helps companies create work environments where employees – as the name says – are inspired every weekday from 9am to 5pm. HR Today, Swisscom SME Business World and The Huffington Post have published her articles on subjects such as employee engagement, creativity and innovation at work.

Prior to founding her own company, she worked across a variety of industries, ranging from Finance and Environmental Consulting to Advertizing, Non-Profit Management and at a Y-Combinator incubated web start-up in Silicon Valley.

Sunnie has an Economics degree from Yale University where she wrote her thesis on “Assessing the Economic Value of a Positive Work Environment.”

A WEF Global Shaper and ambassador to the Sandbox Network, Sunnie seeks to lead and inspire by example.



During TEDxYouth@Adliswil, Sunnie will be asking us what she refers to as the “9 billion dollar question.” She will talk about the power of engagement in the workplace, at school and beyond, as well as the pitfalls of being disengaged, and how it is harming our economy. She will challenge us to put in the effort to pursue a professional life that make us come alive because it as Howard Thurman famously remarked “What the world needs is people who have come alive.”


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